Medium Boat Trailers

GFAB Alloy Trailers built for medium boats

Best suited for boats weighing between 2000-2500kg on their trailer.




All GFAB Alloy boat trailers, are designed & built specifically to suit your boat’s make and model, taking into account any features that make your boat unique.

Our medium boat trailers are tandem axled and rated to 2500kg and are best suited for boats between 6.5-8m

Being rated to 2500kg, these trailers are fitted with an override breaking system that includes a fully stainless braking system to the front axle.

Backed by a 12 year chassis warranty, you can be confident that your trailer has been built to last.
GFAB’s boat trailers are fabricated by a team of highly skilled fabricators which gives GFAB trailers their strength and good looks. 

We know that reliability is essential when owning a trailer, which is why we choose to only use the New Zealand designed UniHub system on all of our marine trailers. UniHubs are a fully enclosed bearing system that means worrying about re-greasing your bearings is a thing of the past.



  • Chassis is made from C Sections of 4mm Marine Grade, High Tensile Aluminium
  • Fully stainless braking system - including stainless disks, calipers and braided brake lines
  • 13 Inch Black Alloys with high capacity tyres
  • Keel rollers down the centre of the trailer to support most of the boat’s weight
  • Plastic bunks on trailers for alloy boats - Roller bunks for fibre-glass or timber boats
  • Spare wheel and mount
  • 10-1 galvanised winch

Optional Upgrades

  • Boatcatch - great for independant launching and retrieving
  • Walkboards - available in full and half lengths, these non-slip boards run along the centre of the trailer so you can keep your feet dry on the boat ramp
  • 14” Wheels - especially useful for extra ground clearance if you have a stern driven boat or travel a lot on rough roads


Dimensions vary between trailers so the ranges below are only a guide.

Length: 6.5-8m

Width: 2- 2.5m

Weight: 300-600kg

Lead times:

Our typical lead times are between 4-6 weeks, occaisionally we can facilitate urgent builds to get you back on the road after your existing trailer fails a warrant or has a major failure. Give us a call to see if we can work something out.

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