GFAB Boat Trailers

Manufactured in New Zealand from the highest quality Marine Grade Aluminium Alloy and fitted out with quality components, everything we fit to our boat trailers is built to last!

What makes a GFAB Trailer so special?
Every GFAB alloy boat trailer is designed and adjusted for each individual make and model to ensure the best fit. This individual design and adjustment allows your boat to sit as low as possible which not only gives you a more comfortable and safer towing experience, but it makes launching and retrieving your boat easier than ever.

“I was expecting to wait months for a trailer, paid my deposit Friday and picked it up the following week!” - Customer Testimonial

Our turnaround times are the best in New Zealand with a lead time between 2-8 weeks following deposit payment! We have been known to get trailers done even quicker than that when scheduling allows, so if you have a tight deadline just let us know and we’ll see what can be achieved.

We stand by our boat trailers and the team that builds them, which is why we carry the longest warranty of any boat trailer manufacturer in New Zealand. We offer a 12 Year Warranty (NZ only) on boat trailer chassis and one year on all components. Best of all, being made from aluminium, they won’t rust!

"It's not just a trailer, it's a work of art" - Paul Worsteling IFISH TV

We offer trailers to suit four different weight ranges (combined weight of boat and trailer) plus a range of trailers for amphibious boats.

  • Small Boats - Under 1500kg
  • Medium Boats - 1500kg-2499kg
  • Large Boats - 2500kg-3499kg
  • Extra Large Boats - 3500kg and over

We work with New Zealand’s largest boat manufacturers regularly so we’re familiar with the latest models as well as being flexible enough to take on less common boats.

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Our small boat trailers are single axled and rated to 1500kg. They are best suited for boats between 4-6m.

Rated to 1500kg, these trailers come unbraked as standard but can be upgrade to a braked version when requested.


Our medium boat trailers are tandem axled and rated to 2500kg and are best suited for boats between 6.5-8m

Being rated to 2500kg, these trailers are fitted with an override braking system that includes a fully stainless braking system to the front axle.


Our large boat trailers are either tandem or triple axled and rated to 3500kg and they are best suited for boats between 7.5-9m

With a rating of up to 3500kg, these trailers come fitted with an electric hydraulic braking system which is either connected to the vehicle through a hardwired system if fitted, or with a Credo Unit that has wireless in-cab control for total control over your trailer.
Extra Large

Extra Large

Our extra large boat trailers are triple axled and specifically rated to the correct weight to suit your boat and towing vehicle. Being rated over 3500kg, these trailers require a certificate of fitness to be road legal. This is an extensive process that ensures the highest level of safety and quality, a process that we can guide you through to make it as easy as possible


Our amphibious boat trailers are designed to allow you the option to either drive on and off utilising your amphibious boat's wheels, or launch and retrieve like a conventional boat. This gives you the freedom to take your boat and explore wherever adventure is calling.
Hire Trailer

Hire Trailer

GFAB Trailers has a purpose built boat transport trailer to allow boats without trailers to be moved around.

Our transport trailer is designed to take most boats up to approx 9.5m and up to 3500kg GVM.

This is a triple axle trailer with brakes on two axles, electric winch and adjustable supports.
  • Buccaneer
  • Makaira
  • Kiwi-kraft
  • Kingfisher
  • Hurley Boats
  • Haines Hunter
  • Grady White Boats
  • Fyran
  • Fi-Glass
  • FC Boats
  • Domain Boats
  • Senator Boats
  • Profile Boats
  • Rayglass
  • Extreme Boats
  • Surtees
  • StabiX
  • Stabicraft
  • Circa Marine
  • Tristram