Alloy Jet Ski Trailers

Alloy Jet Ski Trailers

With lots of different Jet Ski trailers in black, white and standard aluminium we have the perfect trailer to make your ski look as good off the water as it does on it.
Boat Trailers

Boat Trailers

GFAB manufactures aluminium boat trailers for everything from the smallest to the largest boats.
Check out our range and get in touch to get yours today.
Commercial Trailers

Commercial Trailers

Quality roofing and flat deck trailers for a range of commercial purposes.
Check out our range to find the best trailer for your commercial needs.
Recreational Trailers

Recreational Trailers

We offer a range of different trailer options suitable for your non-marine recreational use.
Get in touch to find the trailer that's right for you.
Hire Trailer

Hire Trailer

GFAB's hire trailer is fully adjustable and is suitable for transporting boats up to 9m in length.


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GFAB triple axle alloy trailer coming out of the water.


We build aluminium trailers that look great and tow like nothing you’ve ever towed before.

Fast turnaround times, from just two weeks!

Boats, Jet skis, Non-marine Recreational and Commercial use, GFAB make alloy trailers that are lighter, safer and longer lasting than anyone else.

Don't just take our word for it, get your GFAB today and see for yourself.

C-Section of GFAB alloy trailer chassis. Showing how much room there is for easy cleaning.

Why Alloy?

Rust Proof - An aluminium trailer chassis that is built to last, even our marine trailers which face regular exposure to salt water

Light - A GFAB alloy trailer generally weighs in at 15-20% lighter than its galvanised steel equivalent. This weight saving converts to fuel savings and helps keep you under the legal weight limits

Strong - Years of research and development have led to GFAB’s alloy trailers being built tough with a reputation to match

GFAB's large round 12 year chassis warranty sticker.

12 Year Chassis Warranty

Our dedication to constant improvement means that we have total confidence in the strength and reliability of all our aluminium trailers.

We back that up with our warranties, Boat Trailers carry a 12 Year chassis warranty and Jet Ski Trailers carry a 6 Year chassis warranty. Both un-matched by anyone in New Zealand.

One of the GFAB Legends measuring up a boat to make sure it is perfectly fitted with it's trailer.

Built to be best for your needs

GFAB don't believe in a one size fits all approach for any of our trailers, so we work with you to identify your needs and then build an alloy trailer that's best suited to them.

Every marine trailer is fitted perfectly to the boat or jet ski that it will take and every trailer is built and balanced to tow like a dream.

The Team at MTF Fraser Street, Tauranga

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GFAB Dealers

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