Matching five metre roofing trailers with built in toolboxes and slide out extensions
Matching five metre roofing trailers with built in toolboxes and slide out extensions
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Alloy Trailers

GFAB is renowned for producing cutting edge, original and sexy as hell alluminium trailers. We pride ourselves in designing and fabricating a large range of alloy trailers that are purpose built to suit each customers individual needs and requirements.

Contact us now to talk about the next alloy trailer project you have in mind.

Flat Deck Trailers
GFab manufacturers a range of aluminium flat deck trailers. Our alloy trailers are custom designed to suit your individual needs. Having years of experience in trailer, boat and motorhome building we understand the best approach to producing high quality alloy trailers for you.
Sports Trailers
Our alloy sports trailers are custom built to be heavy duty, high tensile, alloy tandem trailers that are rated to 2500kg. These trailers are an ideal high end trailer for transporting your prized sporting, motoring and domestic goods.
Boat Trailers
Boat trailers have for years been thought of as simply the lowest cost way to move the boat around. Increasing Fuel prices, short chassis lifes of Galv trailers and clamp downs on overweight boat trailer combo's has seen this view begin to change. Our Alloy boat trailers are custom configured to suit your boat, having experience in boat building we understand the best approach to producing an Alloy boat trailer suited for your boat.
Builders and Roofing 6m Trailers
Due to demand from Builders and Roofing contractors we produce a specialist range of five and six metre flat deck trailers with optional built in drawbar toolboxes and 2 metre pull out extensions. These trailers range from 380 to 650 kg depending on specs.
Box Trailers
Gfab Trailers produces custom box trailer to suit your needs. These can be prduced in either 4mm ACM Signage panel or 50mm poly panel. There are various finishing options and each trailer can be customised to suit your individual requirements.
Scissor Lift Trailer
Our standard scissor lift trailer is a 2.5m lightweight alloy trailer with a net weight of 550-600kg, this gives a further capacity of approx 2,900kg!!
3.5 Tonne Alloy Tipper Trailer
Low tare weight means greater loads on a trailer that doesn't rust! This is a proven model talk to us now.