What they Say

Having had the chance to use our new trailer on numerous occasions, with everyone from complete novices to experienced crew. I can say the trailer has not only continued to meet our expectations but exceeded them.

Thank you for such a usefull addition to our unit.

Kris Glucina
Whangamata Coastguard

Glen and his team built a new alloy trailer for our Surtees 5.5 Workmate, replacing the old rusted out galv one.

I was super impressed with the service of Glen and the team. I received regular updates through out the build, photos sent with each one. The boat sits a good 100mm lower than on the old trailer and tows really nicely. Looks a million bucks too.
Launching and retrieving our boat has never been easier. Glen said the boat would be easy to launch and retrieve, but I didn't expect it to be as easy as it is. Big thanks to the team at GFAB. Love our new trailer.
Simon Fitzpatrick
Owner "Therapy"

We had a new trailer built for our boat earlier in 2018. When we first got the trailer, it looked better than the old one that was for sure & I noticed it also towed much easier also. So with a new look & better to tow, I was outright pretty impressed.
Now, the real test was putting the boat in the water for the first time. I wont lie, I was nervous as it's usually me standing on the boat ramp trying to get the boat off the trailer. It came off so smoothly, first go - job done!
Coming back in after a big day on the water, I found putting the boat back on the trailer way less stressful for me. Usually it's a rush to get out of the water & boat ramps are stressful places at the best of times, especially with 2 children to watch, a boat to get on the trailer & a husband barking orders.
Thank you so much GFAB for the new trailer! As the boat ramp wife, it has definitely made our trips to the lake much more enjoyable.
Cushla Hume
Owner "Beth"

Glen worked very closely with me throughout the construction of my boat. His creative thinking brought many great ideas that were used to enhance the final product.

It was a true pleasure to work closely with Glen, who is a true craftsman that clearly cares about the quality of his work.

Dene Tomlinson
Owner "898 Innovision boat & trailer"

Having recently upgraded to 5 tonne hardware on my existing boat trailer for my boat "The Hulk". I approached GFAB who built a new overwidth custom alloy trailer using my existing hardware. 

I'm stoked with the result of the new trailer and the 300kg tare weight saving. The whole package is now significantly more stable on the road.

Blayne Pollock
Owner "The Hulk"

The team at GFab were fantastic to work with in producing what I would say is an exceptional complete boat/trailer combination in the building of my boat Tectona.

GFab are expert marine fabricators and innovators and will be my only consideration for my next boat.

Andrew Peart
Owner "Tectona"

After alot of decision on what boat hull to use I decided to go with a GFAB built hull, I am very pleased I did as the quality of workmanship is outstanding.

The boat performs very well in a straight line as well as in the corners, whilst giving a very soft and forgiving ride. Would defiantly use GFAB again and also recommend to others

Mike Morrow