GFAB alloy single jetski trailer - Sea-Doo Fishpro
GFAB alloy single jetski trailer - Sea-Doo Fishpro
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Alloy Jetski Trailers

Alloy Jetski trailers, designed and custom built to suit all ski brands & models.

These are solid trailers that wont rust in the sea conditions and are built to last the life of your ski. All our Jetski trailers include 13" alloy wheels.

As your aluminium trailer specialist. GFab trailers produce alloy trailers of the highest quality due to:

  • Better corrosion resistance from rust free, high tensile, marine grade alloy
  • Better designed leading to lower center of gravity
  • Lightweight materials delivering significant weight savings.
  • Improvements in fuel efficiency, balance and safer towing behavior
  • Stainless brake calipers and marine grade fittings
  • NZ supplied components and running gear
  • Custom fitted carpeted bunks
  • No need to re-galv your trailer every few years.

GFAB's Standard Jetski Trailer Range

Single Jetski Trailer

Flatdeck Single Jetski Trailer

Tandem Jetski Trailer