GFAB alloy 4000 x 2400 Flatdeck trailer
GFAB alloy 4000 x 2400 Flatdeck trailer
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Aluminium Flatdeck Trailers

GFAB manufacturers and produces a range of alloy flatdeck trailers that are custom designed to suit your individual needs.

These trailers include built in drawbar toolboxes and have numerous deck size options to cover the requirements of our customers. As an option, a 2 metre rear pull out extension can be included in the trailer, this increases the trailers overall usable length.

Racking and storage systems, headboards and sides are able to be custom fabricated to ensure the trailer gets used to its full required potential.

Being built out of high tensile, transport grade aluminium allows these trailers to have low tare weights, ranging between 380kg and 700kg.

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